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Updated April 9, 2007

Visit the first ever Vision Patch website by clicking here.  Brief memo, back in 1997 AOL allowed their users to have a one page website.  By creating a screen name on AOL, Vision Patch were baptized on the World Wide Web.  Since neither eD or Bobby D. knew of  Photoshop, a crude banner was made.  The banner featured eD’s grandmother, Noni, who with her no nonsense attitude and penchant for feeding anyone in her site anything that she had laying around, inspired the song “Noni’s Cookies”.  The banner was crudely made in Paint Brush on a Packard Bell running Windows 95 with a 75 Mhz Pentium 1 Processor and a 1 gig hard drive. 

Also featured on the page is a concept album cover and .wav file clips of four songs.  The clip of the song “Heresay” actually never made it to “The Epoch” demo.  Since everyone back then was on a dialup,  most running modems under 56K, a warning of a 3-5 minute download was posted.  Remember, this predates Napster and the idea of MP3’s as a file format. 

Update April 8, 2007

Vision Patch has officially broken up and the history is posted below. Many MP3's chronicling their history are still posted on this site.  As a tribute, this site has been left mostly as it was during the height of their activity in 2003.  You can find MP3’s of albums and demos in the SONGS section.  Live MP3’s of their shows can be found in the PAST SHOWS section.  By clicking on the flier of each show you will be shown the set list of that night and live recordings of that show. 

As time has passed since the disbandment of Vision Patch, many of the links in the LINKS section have died too.  Although broken, they remain to accurately portray the music scene in the summer of 2003.

Vision Patch still lives at www.myspace.com/visionpatch.  Leave a message of memories from past shows or interactions with band members.  The email links on  the contact page no longer work, but remain as a tribute. 

Updates will be made periodically, as live videos and rare MP3’s will be uploaded. 

VP History:

Vision Patch...1997-2003. 
Vision Patch was formed in 1997, by Bobby D. and Ed, a year after the break up of Whole Bowl of Joes.  A very rough 4 track demo, "The Epoch", was created that summer, containing 12 songs. 

Around the summer of 2000, still a duo, Ed and Bobby D. created the 5 song EP "Donkey Punch.  With a mostly acoustic sound, "Donkey Punch" contained a remake of the Whole Bowl of Joes song "Noni's Cookies", along with the first recordings of "Turnsta" and "As It Turns Gray".

A short time later, Vision Patch finally played their first live shows.  The first show was as an acoustic intermission for "The 4th" at Rockafellas in East Rutherford.  Opening with an acoustic punk cover of "Karma Kameleon", Vision Patch gained the attention of the audience, unfortunately it was very negative.

Vision Patch would then headline an acoustic show at "The Underpass", playing with Money for the Toll and The 4th on the same bill.  The club was packed with family and friends waiting to see Vision Patch for the first time.  Not to disappoint, VP played an eclectic set of originals and covers, including School, Laid and Karma Kameleon, which was requested by the audience as an encore to close the set. 

Vision Patch would then go on to make their first recordings outside of Noni's Basement, in the spring of 2001.  Recruiting Jay from The 4th to play drums, Vision Patch recorded the 10 song LP "Tippy's".  Rerecordings of "Turnsta" and it "It Turns Gray" were featured, along with several new songs and the playful tribute, "I've Got a VT", for their audio teacher/Cyclone drummer Vin Cyclone.  From the Tippy's album, the song "It Turns Gray" would later be featured in an independent motor cycle stunt video. 

Armed with a new recording and the promise of playing a video release party show for the motor cycle stunt video, Vision Patch set forth to recruit new members.  Soon after, Bobby D. and Ed were joined by high school buddy Randy Ferguson on bass and Christian Graham on drums.  As the video release party show fell apart so did the new lineup.  Christian soon left Vision Patch to explore other options in the winter of 2002.

In the Summer of 2002, Vision Patch was joined by former Precision Shock and Tripping Gods drummer, Erric Z.  Once again with a complete line up Vision Patch set out to finally play gigs as a complete band. 

Two days before their debut at Uncle Joe's in Jersey City, bassist Randy left Vision Patch, forcing Ed and Bobby D. to share guitar and bass duties.  Vision Patch would play one more show as a three piece band, at Love Sexy in Secaucus.  Randy would later rejoin the band to play in their remaining shows, highlights including a return to the Underpass and perhaps their best performance at the famed Continental in New York. 

The last show would turn out to a very out of sync performance at Images on July 25, 2003.  Days after that show, Erric would suffer a knee injury, causing Vision Patch to cancel their return to Uncle Joe's.  Erric would later officially leave Vision Patch prior to healing from the knee injury.  Due to inactivity and lack of interest at the time, Vision Patch decided to officially disband before the end of 2003. 

Randy Ferguson would later go on to play in the band "Falling Down".
Ed and Bobby D. reformed Whole Bowl of Joes.  They are currently recording a new album and are getting ready for gigs in the near future.